About Monkimun:

Monkimun is a new game studio dedicated to design fun language educational games for kids. Our goal is to bridge language learning and entertainment in a unique experience.

If you enjoyed our game, please rate us positively in the store. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at any time or check our Facebook or Twitter accounts. Thank you!

Monki Chinese Class

Monki Chinese Class is a fun app for children that teaches them to write basic Chinese. With its carefully crafted design and colourful illustrations, Monki Chinese Class is conceived to help every child learn how to trace Chinese through a fun system that sustains motivation.

Monki Animal Builder

Let your imagination run wild and build the most creative animals! Monki Animal Builder is a fun app for young kids that will allow them to enhance their English vocabulary while they have fun building up creatures to make them look like monsters, fantasy animals or whatever they come up with.

Hide & Seek: Fun with Animals

Hide and Seek is an adventure game where your kids will explore different worlds as they get to find cute animals hiding. The friendly animals will help young exploring kids learn and settle down educational vocabulary in English while searching through a forest surrounded of colourful landscapes and diverse fauna.

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